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Get Started


Instructions for installing Purchases SDK for ReactNative


Purchases for ReactNative can be installed either via npm or yarn.

npm install --save react-native-purchases
yarn install --save react-native-purchases

Additional iOS Setup

Purchases.framework also needs to be added to your iOS project. The npm install will download the correct framework version.

Alternatively you can install the framework via CocoaPods.

Create a Framework Reference in your project

  1. Drag Purchases.framework from the RNPurchasessub-project under the libraries section to the outer project and create a reference

Add iOS Framework to Embedded Binaries

  1. In Xcode, in project manager, select your app target.
  2. Select the general tab
  3. Drag Purchases.framework from your project to the Embedded Binaries section
  4. Add $(PROJECT_DIR)/../node_modules/react-native-purchases/ios to Framework Search paths in build settings

Add Strip Frameworks Phase

The App Store, in it's infinite wisdom, still rejects fat frameworks, so we need to strip our framework before it is deployed. To do this, add the following script phase to your build.

  1. In Xcode, in project manager, select your app target.
  2. Open the Build Phases tab
  3. Add a new Run Script, name it Strip Frameworks
  4. Add the following command "${PROJECT_DIR}/../node_modules/react-native-purchases/ios/" (quotes included)

Import Purchases

You should now be able to import Purchases

import Purchases from 'react-native-purchases';

Next Steps