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Build a customized mobile subscription business with RevenueCat. We do the heavy lifting of normalizing subscribers from any source and maintain a single source of truth for subscription status, so you can get back to building your app.

RevenueCat is a powerful, secure, reliable, and free to use in-app purchase server with global support. All you need to get started is an API key.

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App User Ids

The App User Ids will hold both the Original App User Id and the list of Aliases a particular customer has.

If this customer has any aliases, they will appear in the 'Aliases' sub-section.

Aliasing is when two App User Ids are merged together and treated as the same user in RevenueCat - effectively connecting two sets of user data as one. The user can then be referenced by any of their aliases and the same result will be returned.

The most common reasons for aliases are when a RevenueCat anonymous user is identified with a provided App User Id in your system, and when users restore purchases usually after uninstalling/reinstalling your app.


If you see unexpected aliases, you may be incorrectly identifying users. See our guide on App User Ids for more information.

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App User Ids

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