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Mac Catalyst - Purchases.shared.entitlements calls callback with empty entitlements

Hi - I have an iOS app running on a Mac using Catalyst in Mac OS 10.15, Xcode 11.2 beta 2 (11B44). When the app calls `Purchases.shared.entitlements`, on iOS, the one entitlement I have set up in RevenueCat is returned. Building/running the same code on a Mac, the callback is called with `error` == `nil` and `entitlements` == `[]`. Purchases.shared.entitlements { (entitlements, error) in // entitlements is a dictionary with 0 elements // error is nil } Debug output shows no errors and looks like it's making the API calls fine: > 2019-10-21 16:06:40.698573-0500 MyApp[20463:252613] [Purchases] - DEBUG: Debug logging enabled. > 2019-10-21 16:06:40.698633-0500 MyApp[20463:252613] [Purchases] - DEBUG: SDK Version - 2.6.0 > 2019-10-21 16:06:40.698673-0500 MyApp[20463:252613] [Purchases] - DEBUG: Initial App User ID - (null) > 2019-10-21 16:06:40.698926-0500 MyApp[20463:252613] [Purchases] - DEBUG: GET /v1/subscribers/ABCDEBFG-OBFUSCATED-ID-CODE-FGHIJKLM > 2019-10-21 16:06:40.699270-0500 MyApp[20463:252613] [Purchases] - DEBUG: GET /v1/subscribers/ABCDEBFG-OBFUSCATED-ID-CODE-FGHIJKLM/products > 2019-10-21 16:06:40.700428-0500 MyApp[20463:252613] [Purchases] - DEBUG: No cached entitlements, fetching > 2019-10-21 16:06:40.703482-0500 MyApp[20463:252613] [Purchases] - DEBUG: Vending purchaserInfo from cache > 2019-10-21 16:06:40.953341-0500 MyApp[20463:252613] [Purchases] - DEBUG: applicationDidBecomeActive > 2019-10-21 16:06:41.056315-0500 MyApp[20463:253189] [Purchases] - DEBUG: GET /v1/subscribers/ABCDEBFG-OBFUSCATED-ID-CODE-FGHIJKLM 200 > 2019-10-21 16:06:41.121544-0500 MyApp[20463:253169] [Purchases] - DEBUG: GET /v1/subscribers/ABCDEBFG-OBFUSCATED-ID-CODE-FGHIJKLM/products 200 I'm using Purchases SDK v2.6.0 installed via CocoaPods. I'm building/running by just selecting "My Mac" as the build device and clicking the play button icon (that is, running the app). Is there some different way we need to run Mac Catalyst apps? Thanks! Grant

Posted by Grant 5 months ago