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iOS: Unknown Error when switching subscriptions

Hi, I already emailed you support a few times, but I takes about 1 whole day to respond and we're on a tight schedule to release our new update; maybe someone else knows? I am testing the App and I have 3 different subscriptions in 1 group at Apple and I placed them in 1 entitlement in RevenueCat. Now everytime I switch between subscription plans in that Group/Entitlement, the Apple default AlertControllers will be shown with firs: * if I am sure that I want to switch between subscriptions and than; * (after confirming) I get the message that my purchase has been succesfull. But the problem is that I get an error back from RevenueCat each time this happens, while I do see that the transaction was succesful in the Sandbox data. And no I am not getting the Boolean for userCancelled back, I am just getting these errors: Error: Optional(UNKNOWN) Message: Unknown error. Underlying Error: Optional(Error Domain=SSServerErrorDomain Code=3720 "Klaar" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Klaar}) Sidenote 1) The word "Klaar" in the errors means "Done" in Dutch, so perhaps that something goes wrong on that end, like that RevenueCat maybe expects an English response from Apple? Sidenote 2) I did look at the docs but I couldn't find anything about switching subscriptions in a Group or Entitlement, but maybe I just missed the explanation Anyway, I have no idea what went wrong but I am hoping somebody could perhaps help me who had a similar problem. Thanks in advance for any help!

Posted by Vasco 3 months ago